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About Us

was started in December 1999 as an offshoot of already existing companies:
Ands Bag and Ands Silver.

The aim of Andslite and the other Ands enterprises is to provide funding for social service projects at Anandanagar in West Bengal. Anandanagar is an educational and social development project serving one of the poorest parts of India.

Social projects at Ananda Nagar include: orphanages, clinics, a hospital, kindergartens, primary schools, ecological farms, a high school and a degree college. The aim of the Ananda Nagar projects is to provide the educational, social and economic conditions that will enable the people of this locality to live dignified lives.

Andslite is run by dedicated social workers, volunteers and managers all of whom share a task of providing outstanding products while working towards better building a healthy human society.

All the sales proceeds of Andslite are used in social welfare work, and our company now has distribution centres in India, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Canada.

If you would like more information about our commercial activities or the social service projects that we support, please contact us.
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